An accelerator coach, Dr. Louisa Akaiso is internationally known as a civility trainer and leadership expert with focus on image, international protocol and leadership presence. With a multicultural background, and of African descent, she works with leaders from all around the world, who place foremost importance on themselves and their reputation.
Akaiso holds degrees and certifications in Economics, Business and Professional
Communications from the Lagos State university, Nigeria, West London College, London and University of Toronto, Canada respectively. She also has a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies from Prescott College and a Women in Leadership (for Emerging Leaders, Adult and Continuing Education & Teaching) Professional Development Certificate from Harvard University, Boston, USA.
As the founder ofWomen Who Win Africa, a women-focused non-profit organisation, she is advancing the role of women n the transformation and development of Africa. She also directs and manages the Civility for The Girt Child Initiative, which organises programmes to create awareness and address the challenges that are faced by the girl child in Africa. As the founder of Soyounique Initiatives, focusing on creating civility and leadership development-based programmes for women and girl, she also runs a programme for female entrepreneurs, Acceleration blueprint, which focuses on helping them birth their dream, uncover their divine purpose and passion, breakthrough, and acquire knowledge on how to live their dream.

In this interview with IJEOMA THOMASODIA, she shares her passion for empowering young African woman to aspire for leadership.

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