The Academy

The LeadHership Refined Academy

For African women with skills, interests, and Passion for Leadership who struggle to build a sustainable leadership path and create impact in the modern world.

About LeadHerhip Academy

We are on a mission to cause big change in African Women Development

As African women We are determined to cause big change in African women development and focus on our women working to achieve our goals through the following means ...

Practical Areas


Quality education is one of the strategic ways of empowering the African and this is one of the central focus of the United Nations and the African Union as captured in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. We believe that When the African woman is properly educated it will eradicate poverty and raise the standard of living of the African Continent. To compliment the efforts of the United Nations and the African Union we provide quality educational content to both the girl child and woman so as to contribute our quota in the development of the African continent and also bridging the gender gap because when the woman is educated it gives her equal opportunity to compete favorably.


A lot of women have made are making a difference in their various careers today and it is obvious that most of them sometimes performs better than men in many cases. This is to say that when a woman is involved in career development it helps in making her stand out amongst her peers. Women Who Win Africa is intentional about helping the African Woman in her career development by providing mentorship and training so as to increase her chances of influence in every leadership opportunity that is available for her.


One of the ways we help the African woman is through advocacy and awareness campaigns on the various issues that are affecting the African woman and working with policy makers to make policies that will be favorable to the African woman.


IMPACT: We create relevant political, social and economic impact in our community and nations . C-CAPACITY BUILDING: We are always improving our capacity to create this impact.

Our Programs

Audacity Conference

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Different Arms Within WWWAfrica

WWWAfrica is organised into four departments:

Administration and Human Resource; (Programs, Finance, Research, Media and Communications).
To enhance efficiency and quality service delivery, each department is structured into units.

Community Impact Projects

Our Community Impact Project is a program targeted at young girls and women to empower them with relevant vocational and business skills so that they can be self reliant. We also provide financial support so they can have grants to kick start their businesses. This is our way of alleviating poverty in African communities to complement the works of United Nations, African Union and other related organizations.

Mentorship & Capacity Building

There are women who have made and are impacting the world and we believe that women and girls are properly trained and mentored they can also impact their spaces and make the world a better place. This is why we create and provide intensive and intentional mentorship and training for girls, women and organizations in the area of entrepreneurship, nation-building and leadership.

Coaching & Consulting

We support women and organization with customized and targeted guidance and resources to achieve their political, business or career goals.

Media Strategy & Branding

A well trained and competent woman who has a bad media strategy and is not properly branded can miss her opportunity to attain higher positions of influence so that she can effect positive change. Hence, the reason why we help women with political, business and corporate aspirations, formulate and deploy a media and branding strategy that positions them better in their industry and facilitates their goals.

We’re On A Mission Of Big Changes In Africa.
To Help Women And The World.

…every woman is a bridge