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A platform where African women are empowered to develop leadership, become active political participators, drive meaningful change and create legacies that outlive them, using civility.

what we do

Building Africa, One Woman At A Time

We envision an Africa where competent and empowered women are active political actors and captains of industries effecting positive change in every sector.


women who win Africa

Our Thematic Areas

We believe that when the African woman is properly educated, it will eradicate poverty and raise the standard of living of the African continent.


Career Development
A lot of women made are making a difference in their various careers today and it is obvious that most of them sometimes performs better than men in many cases.
This is to say that when a woman is involved in career development it helps in making her stand among her peers.


One of the ways we help the African woman is through advocacy and awareness campaigns on the various issues that are affecting the African woman and working with policy makers to make policies that will be favorable to the African woman.


Leadership Development

We also provide raining in leadership development and link African women with international opportunities to be trained and mentored by successful women around the globe.


We Create relevant political, social and economic impact in our communities and nations.
C – Capacity Building:
We are always improving our capacity to create this impact

WWWAfrica Designation

Join Our Mission Of Girl Child Protection Program​

You too can be a Volunteer

As a way to commemorate the International Girl-Child Day we organize programs to create awareness and address the challenges that are faced by the girl child in Africa. We focus on issues that has to do with the total well being of the girl from her health, her emotional well being, education etc. 



Spread the word about our program. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.


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Give Scholarships

Give the gift of knowledge and future with our scholarship packages.


Our Core Value [EPIC]



Capacity Building


what makes you an African woman?

The Answer is not far fetched...

Some of you might be thinking that what makes you an African woman is because you are born into the continent of Africa. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in knowing what makes you an African Woman, then you would love to join us.

what to do on WWWAfrica

Here are Four Simple things you should do to get the best out of WWWAfrica...
* Join Our Community
* Attend Our Events
* Join The Academy
* Tell Someone

Support Our Drive

Change someone's life through our campaign

You too can be a part of our campaign by getting involved, we create customized campaign with women who win Africa for your personal involvement or your organization.


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As African Woman Get Ready To Break Through To A Whole New Level Of Personal Power And Take Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary.

Call For Partnership


Women Who Win Africa are very ready for possible collaboration with government and private organizations to execute any of these projects.
Join our growing list of partner agencies who buy into the vision of our organization. We accept any sponsorship in form of donor funding or kind to facilitate these projects.



* Opportunity to fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility

* Have your company logo on all project materials (T-shirt, fliers etc.)

* Become a title partner for the project.


Today’s Woman, Tomorrow’s Leader, Hope For Generations.

According To A Catalyst.org Survey Conducted In 2021, Globally, The Proportion Of Women In Senior Management Roles Reached An All-Time High Of 31% And Is Expected To Double In The Coming Years. They Also Discovered That 90% Of Companies Worldwide Have At Least One Woman In A Senior Management Role As Of 2021.

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