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Female representation in African parliament and political institutions is lower than the global average of 26%, and much lower than the Americas' 32 Percent and Europe's 30%. The positive impact of women in politics is undeniable, but a number of obstacles have continued to limit women's chances at decision-making tables.


African Women Political Participation

Storytelling, Challenges & Potential Solutions



Explore the following:

  1. Discriminatory social-cultural & religious interpretations alongside practices that forbids women from taking leadership roles and having their opinion on issues that affects the society.

2. Unhealthy political environment (violence experienced before, during and after elections season).

3.Wrong perception about women in politics. Destructive criticisms, stereotyping, labelling, and name- calling.

4. Lack of Finance: Politics is expensive and sadly most electoral processes have been greatly influenced by money


This documentary will highlight the challenges that women face, show true-life experiences from women who have tried to lead, and propose recommendations and potential solutions from active female politicians.


  • Investigate sustainable reforms that will make public offices more gender inclusive
  • Exploring initiatives that will drive the closure of gender gaps in holding public offices.




Documentary will encompass researching political parties, scanning women participation and elections into office, interview women and women-leaders.

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“Do not forget that the girl child is dealing with a lot post-crisis, has never experienced the war as today and is in neutrality. Every day, think of ways you can be of help to them,” says Dr. Akaiso.


To celebrate the International Civility for the Girl Child Day, the event brought together women of diverse thoughts, who have a wealth of experience on women and girl-related issues.



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