Women are considered a catalyst to peacebuilding, therefore without involving them in the process, we cannot lay the foundations for lasting peace. And without peace, there can be no sustainable development. It is common knowledge that a woman is like a financial incubator capable of generating income from little resources.

Investing in women therefore has many benefits. For example, there is often a multiplier effect, as women prioritize a good education for their children, provide food for the home, and share their knowledge with their communities.
Women increase trust because they rarely misuse funds.

Women’s empowerment is not only more urgent than ever but also a brilliant investment to generate economic growth, food security, income opportunities, and better lifestyles and this in effect constitutes peaceful homes and subsequently creates peaceful communities.

Positive Peace is defined as those structures, attitudes, and institutions that create and sustain peaceful societies. Therefore through economic empowerment, capacity-building workshops, and the provision of natural resources,(Capital for business investments, etc) structures and institutions are established that are the basis for sustaining peaceful societies.

Investing in women and accelerating progress is therefore a tool to positive peace-building because the effect can be measured by about 80% of the eight pillars of Positive Peace:
•Sound Business Environment: the women will become more financially stable as their businesses improve.
•Equitable Distribution of Resources: women will not struggle with land for cultivating crops or capital for business investments.
•Acceptance of the Rights of Others: Women will develop more confidence in themselves.
•Good Relations with Neighbours: Women will become friendlier and more accommodating.
•Free Flow of Information: They will be willing to share what they learn to raise other women.
•High Levels of Human Capital: Women will be healthier and work better thereby increasing productivity.

Consequently, women will become happier, healthier, and financially more stable which will in turn lead to more sustainable and Peaceful societies.

To every woman, I hope you feel celebrated, seen, and appreciated, not just today, but every day! Happy International Women’s Day to you!

By Elsie Fonyi Foletia
IEP Ambassador
GBV/SDG Advocate

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