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The #CivilityOutoftheBox Project is our flagship event and opportunity for the public contribute to improve educational literacy for the girl-child in Africa and provide them with health/Feminine Hygiene kits.

civility out of the box

A child’s education is the cornerstone of their future. It’s the engine that propels them to learn and develop their wits. However, many parents who send their children to primary schools cannot afford to equip their child’s school bag with the necessary supplies. The Civility out of the Box Initiative is a great way to help a girl child have a fair and enjoyable time in school.

There are many issues with the rural education system in Nigeria, especially when low-income families prioritise sending their sons to school rather than their daughters. Although there are government-funded initiatives to provide kids with a free education, what exactly does that entail? The label “free education” should not be applied simply because physical space is made available. More than that, the facilities have been neglected and teachers are underpaid. Isn’t there anything you can do about the kid who’s supposed to be educated?

The girl child is responsible for her own transportation to and from school, as well as the acquisition of necessary supplies once she arrives. As a result, the girls who participate in Civility out of the Box receive kits for school. The school supplies, uniforms, sandals, and feminine hygiene kits can be found in the backpacks. A backpack is given to each girl. One major issue is the insufficient supply of hygiene kits. The high cost of these items can deter some families from sending their daughters to school.

At Women Who Win Africa, we believe that for lasting leadership transformation to happen in Africa, we must begin to focus on breeding quality leaders from childhood, and at the root of that is providing quality education and Feminine Hygiene kits.

Featured Story

A wise saying goes…”Educate a Girl, Educate a Village!!!”

Nothing beats the joy and smiles from the faces of these girls on receiving their new school uniforms and school fees for 3 terms.

There’s a lot to do but I believe 1 girl…100 girls at a time and we will be closer to our goal.

My sincere appreciation to Women Who Win Africa, the organiser of this campaign, and a huge thank you to you ma Louisa Akaiso the brain (or should I say heart) behind this entire initiative for the opportunity to serve and impact.

This is only the beginning for us!

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Omotayo Okere-Richard’s

your contribution is very much appreciated

you can get involve by using the link below. Thank you